The Hidden Horsepower By Total Seal Podcast Keeps Info Flowing

The Hidden Horsepower By Total Seal Podcast Keeps Info Flowing

We live in amazing times right now in terms of having access to information about nearly any subject imaginable. The Hidden Horsepower by Total Seal Piston Rings Podcast is the perfect example of one of those ways to learn more about high-performance topics. Each week the Hidden Horsepower Podcast brings on the biggest names in the aftermarket world to share some of their knowledge.

The Hidden Horsepower show first debuted in December of 2019 at the PRI show and has been going strong ever since. Each show has been packed with great information and still been highly entertaining as hosts Joe Castello and Keith Jones talk their guests. A great balance of technical information and engaging guests makes the shown well worth the listen.

Lake Speed Jr. of Total Seal explains what you can expect from each show now that it has developed its own personality after multiple episodes.

“The show covers detailed topics like honing, ring end gaps, manifold tuning, and more. With guys like Jon Kaase, Pat Musi, Jason Line, Stevie “Fast” Jackson, Ben Strader, others, Hidden Horsepower is a great resource for every horsepower enthusiast. We’ve even gone a step further and created a Facebook Group for the listeners where we can share videos and other visual technical resources. Since getting out these days has been more of a challenge, Hidden Horsepower is a great way to access the best minds in the business on-demand.”

Speed also shared that not only will he be coming on the show as a guest, but Mark Cronquist from Joe Gibbs Racing, Ron Shaver, and Ed Pink are also on the upcoming schedule for Hidden Horsepower. You can catch up on old episodes of Hidden Horsepower and listen to the new ones when they come out on Google Play, Apple Podcasts, Sound Cloud, Stitcher, and Spotify.

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