The Reunion Is Coming To Bradenton Motorsports Park

The Reunion Is Coming To Bradenton Motorsports Park

Bradenton Motorsports Park has another huge event lined up with The Reunion presented by Brian Crower Racing. If you’re looking for some great import and domestic action this race needs to be on your calendar to check out. All of the racing can be seen live RIGHT HERE on SpeedVideo May 28-29.

You can always count on Bradenton Motorsports Park to bring the most diverse types of racing to fans all over the world, year and year out. The Reunion will feature a wide variety of cars that will provide some of the closest racing you’ll see. Wade Rich and the team at Bradenton Motorsports Park are going to give the competitors a top-notch surface, so you know they’re going to bring their big tune-ups.

The Reunion has five exciting classes on the docket that are set to run for over $18,000 in prize money. The Xtreme Front Wheel Drive class is sure to bring out some amazing cars. For those who like to throw power at all four wheels, they’ll want to check out the All Wheel Drive Invitational Shootout. Another great class you’ll want to watch if you like big performances is the Rear Wheel Drive Invitational Shootout. The Street Car Shootout will feature some of the fastest street-driven cars in the United States as they battle it out for bragging rights. If running the number is your thing, the 10.50 Index class will give you plenty of racing to check out.

All of the racing at The Reunion will kick off on Friday, May 29th with four rounds of qualifying starting at 2:00 pm ET. Saturday, May 30th is raceday for all classes, and that will begin at 2:00 pm ET, as well. You can catch all of the racing live RIGHT HERE on SpeedVideo, thanks to presenting sponsor Dragzine.

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