BoostedGT Goes For A Wild Ride At Xtreme Raceway

BoostedGT Goes For A Wild Ride At Xtreme Raceway

Chris Hamilton, known famously as BoostedGT, is one of the toughest competitors to ever grab a lane at the dragstrip, and he earned that reputation by never backing down from a challenge. Hamilton has run against the best racers from Street Outlaws and taken on the biggest names in no-prep racing over the years, so he knows a bright about what it takes to win. During the Texas Lockdown event at Xtreme Raceway Park last weekend, Hamilton pulled out all the stops against Sergio “Flaco” Gonzalez trying to win, but ended up in the wall at the top end.

Hamilton’s Team Z Motorsports-built New Edge Mustang has shown some serious promise on both big and small tires each time he has brought the car out. At the Texas Lockdown, Hamilton had the small tires bolted on and was making some great runs on the Xtreme Raceway Park surface as he dialed the car in.

During eliminations Hamilton found himself paired up against the always-tough Flaco in his boosted S-10 pickup. Hamilton’s Mustang began to pull away early, however, it started to hike the front tires up around the 150-foot mark and move toward the wall. Since you can’t drive a car with the wheels in the air, Hamilton pedaled his Mustang to bring the tires back down, but every time he would return to full throttle the car would begin to wheelie again.

According to Hamilton, he pedaled the car at least five times to try and stay in front of Flaco but in the end that was his undoing. Hamilton got out of the grove towards the top end and lost control. Instead of saving the car and possibly collecting Flaco, Hamilton ended up tapping the wall with the nose of the car.

“In hindsight, I should have aborted the pass when it came down the first time and I was up against the wall. When you don’t see the competitor in front of you it makes you try and do hero stuff to pick up the win. I’m just glad I didn’t get into Flaco at the top end and tear up both cars,” Hamilton says.

Check out this footage from 4Ever Grudge and Lookout Racing that shows Hamilton doing everything he can to pick up the win and then avoid hitting Flaco.

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