Manny Buginga To Debut Swiss Army Knife For Pro 275 And No-Prep

Manny Buginga To Debut Swiss Army Knife For Pro 275 And No-Prep

Veteran NMRA Street Outlaw champion and X275 racer and current record-holder Manny Buginga is expanding he and his team’s talents two of the hottest and most presently-relevant categories in the sport: Pro 275 and big-tire no-prep.

Buginga, who has a long history of campaigning Ford Mustang’s, purchased an early 2000s, Outlaw 10.5-style SN95 and tasked JW Racing and his team, comprised of Jamie Miller, John Miller, and Tim Davis, to bring it up to modern standards so as to make it as competitive in either arena as he’s been accustomed to in his career.

JW, located in Connecticut, with input from the Miller’s and Davis, updated the circa-2003 chassis to a double framerail, altered the motor placement, and performed other required and desired updates to the car itself. Buginga’s team then took delivery and made it turn-key, installing the drivetrain, wiring, plumbing, and tuning the car.

Power is provided by a 548 cubic-inch Pro Line Racing Hemi with a ProCharger F3-140 supercharger. A Fueltech FT600 and FTSpark serve as the. Brains of the operation. An M&M Turbo 400 and Neal Chance converter deliver the power out to a beefy Carmack Engineering center section and rear end housing. Fragola Performance Systems joined the project and provided the hoses and fittings for the plumbing, including delivering the fuel through a Rage fuel pump. Menscer Motorsports struts and shocks will be called upon to serve double duty at the extreme ends of the spectrum, from little tires and fly-paper prep to big tires and no prep. 

Buginga and company will debut the car in Pro 275 at Donald Long’s “Magic 8” event in Orlando in late July, with Pro Line’s Eric Dillard behind the wheel. They will then swap the car back over to the big-tire combination and hit select Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings events in hopes of racing their way onto the televised, invitational portion of the program.

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