The Form-A-Shield From Design Engineering Inc.

The Form-A-Shield From Design Engineering Inc.

Controlling temperatures under the hood of a high-performance car can usually be handled by some type of high-temp wrap. But what if you can’t use such a wrap in your situation? Well, Design Engineering Inc. (DEI) created Form-A-Shield for situations where you can’t use a high-temp wrap to keep temperatures manageable under the hood.

What makes the DEI Form-A-Shield different from other temperature control products is the fact it’s designed to be used as a direct-contact heat barrier. Form-A-Shield is very flexible, so it can be formed to fit specific shapes based on what parts it needs to protect. Since Form-A-Shield doesn’t have an adhesive backing, it needs to be fastened to whatever it’s protecting via straps, clamps, bolts, or DEI’s own locking ties. Form-A-Shield is also available in different size sheets, so there isn’t’ much you can’t cover with it.

Form-A-Shield is made from a basalt thermal barrier that’s bonded to 10 mil dimpled aluminum. The basalt material is fireproof, so it can be used nearly anywhere on a vehicle. This product can withstand direct heat of 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit and it’s resistant to oil or other chemicals. With these types of attributes, Form-A-Shield is perfect to use on turbocharger exhaust housings and different exhaust parts. You can also use Form-A-Shield as a heat barrier or reflector in non-hot areas like a firewall for example. All you need to do to use Form-A-Shield as a heat barrier is apply some of DEI’s Adhesive Spray and place the shield where you need it.

You can learn more about Form-A-Shield right here on DEI’s website.

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