The Toombs Brothers Make Racing An Oldsmobile-Powered Family Affair

The Toombs Brothers Make Racing An Oldsmobile-Powered Family Affair

If you started a poll asking drag racers across the United States about how they got started in the sport the majority of them will probably say it was because of a family member. The Toombs brothers are living proof of this theory — they’ve been racing together for over 40 years around the state of Ohio with their Oldsmobile-powered machines.

The racing heritage of the Toombs family begins with the oldest brother Mickey. Back in 1972, Mickey started racing his 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass at National Trail Raceway, shortly after the track opened. At the time, the Cutlass was only running in the 14-second zone, but Mickey was having a blast flogging his hot rod. Eventually, Mickey’s brother, Bobby, joined him at the track in the mid-1970s and the brothers have been racing together ever since.

Mickey and Bobby’s children began to make regular trips to the track and become involved. Guess what? Mickey’s son Michael, and Bobby’s son Jason, both race Oldsmobiles just like their fathers. The family has chased points championships at National Trail Raceway for over 30 years and they also ran for points at Summit Motorsports Park, as well.

The Oldsmobile obsession is definitely a Toombs family trait. Mickey’s father was the original owner of his Cutlass and that’s what drew him toward the brand. To obtain the car, Mickey traded his father a 1964 Cutlass, and then he tore the 1967 apart so he could add some performance parts. From there, the rest is history, and the family has been racing Oldsmobile-powered machines ever since.

“We’ve just always loved Oldsmobile products, Bobby bought a brand new Olds Omega in 1973 from Key Olds that had a small-block in it. That’s the only car he’s ever raced. We’ve just stuck with them because they’re different. We’ve got these cars running pretty well and it’s hard to do because you’ve got to make some of your own parts. I’m a pretty good machinist when I’m not being an engineer, so I can do that. We get a lot of looks, people come by to check under the hood and expect to see a big-block Chevy and tend to be shocked there’s an Oldsmobile engine there,” Mickey says.

It’s truly awesome to see how committed to drag racing the Toombs family is. Their fleet of Oldsmobiles is impressive and it’s really cool to see them all rolling to the staging lanes like an invading army. They have found a way to blend drag racing and family perfectly over several generations.

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