Brad Gibbs’ 1967 Mustang Coupe

Brad Gibbs' 1967 Mustang Coupe

If you had the chance to build one last race car to finish out your drag racing career what would you do? Would you build something that just fit your needs, or would you build a car that checked every box you ever wanted in a race car? When it came time for Brad Gibbs to make that decision, he went all-in and built an immaculate eight-second 1967 Mustang.

For over 20 years Brad’s racecar of choice was a fox body Mustang that he started building when his son Brendyn was just three months old. That car held a special place in Brendyn’s heart, so Brad decided to give it to his son when the time was right. The only problem was that now Brad was without a race car, so he went in search of something to build that would be his final ride.

Brad found exactly what he was looking for in April of 2019, which meant it was time for a road trip from Ontario to Ohio so he could pick up an original steel body 1967 Mustang coupe.

“The car was someone’s long term project, I really just wanted a body so I brought it home and cut the homebuilt tube chassis out of it and started from scratch. I insisted on a coupe because I preferred them over the fastback which created challenges. Not wanting to mess with the factory body lines, I decided to build a wedge rocker panel to fit the size tire I wanted to use under the car,” Brad says.

After Brad completed all of the bodywork, he began the process of fabricating a full chassis for the Mustang. The end result was a 6.00 SFI certified work of art that uses a strut front end and 4-link rear suspension. Brad did all of the work at his shop GFS Racecars, where he also build Ken Hebert’s wild 2011 Mini Cooper.

When the chassis was ready, Brad went to work adding more cool features to the interior including a shifter mounting system that included all of the Mustang’s electronics. He also built a trick transmission mount that made it easier to remove. The front end was made to tilt forward so the car would be easier to refuel with methanol between rounds. Finally, Brad added an additional rear-mounted fuel system that uses gasoline to warm up the engine.

Powering the Mustang is a 598 cubic-inch BBC that uses a Dart block as its foundation. A Ron’s Fuel Injection System sits on top of the Dart heads. Behind the engine is a powerglide transmission and torque converter built by Hutch’s Transmission Service. This combination has pushed the Mustang to a best of 8.58 at 157 MPH during a run at Grand Bend Motorplex.

Brad has been building race cars since he was just 16 years old, so it’s no surprise he was able to create such an amazing car in only 14 months. The racing life that Brad gets to live is possible because of the family and friends that support him.

“I’m a very lucky guy to race with my whole family. My beautiful wife Nicki and daughter Hailey are the best crew chiefs on both mine and my son’s cars. I appreciate that they love this lifestyle as much as I do. I would like to thank Hutch’s Transmission Services for all he does for me, Gerry Hunt for the beautiful paint job, and Rodney Gomes for hauling this thing around back and forth to body and paint shops,” Brad says.

If you’re at the track and see Brad’s rolling piece of drag racing artwork make sure you take a closer look. There are so many details in this car you’ll be amazed. Brad’s Mustang is really the full package of show and go that every racer wants.


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