Discovery Announces New Series “Street Outlaws: Farmtruck And AZN”

Discovery Announces New Series

Street Outlaws stars Farmtruck and AZN are renowned for their crazy antics and wild, one-of-a-kind builds, and in recent months they’ve been quietly working on a whole new batch of creations unlike anything viewers have ever seen before. Now, those top-secret works will be shared with the world as part of an all-new series on the Discovery Channel, STREET OUTLAWS: FARMTRUCK AND AZN.

A two-hour special event will premiere Monday, August 3rd at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel, with the new series slated to launch around the first of the new year. With production on hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, Farmtruck and AZN took matters into their own hands, and as you’ll see in next week’s sneak-peek premiere, they used their own cameras to take viewers on a tour of the projects they can expect to see when the series goes live.

Among the automotive hobby’s most dynamic and entertaining duos, Farmtruck and AZN have made a name for themselves through their unique vehicles, their mischievous street racing antics, larger-than-life personalities, and their backyard engineering — the 400cc-powered “Granny-mobile” mobility scooter, the zany “Gonorail,’ and the “Haunted Hearse” among their many creations.

AZN, Jeff Lutz, Farmtruck, Jeff Lutz, Jr., and Ed work out the logistics on an air-propelled vehicle.

Taking their work to new heights, the fun-loving duo have been laboring non-stop to bring their fans new and epic builds. Through their “Farmtruck and AZN Camera,” the guys take us on a self-shot tour of the shop, reminiscing about some of their craziest moments and giving audiences a peak at the current status of the builds that will be featured on the all-new series STREET OUTLAWS: FARMTRUCK AND AZN. 

With the help of Jeff Lutz and his team at Lutz Race Cars, Farmtruck and AZN provide the backstory behind each new endeavor, showing the beginning process for all of these “Farmtruck style” builds. From dangerous attempts at creating an Air Cannon Car, to partnering with the Vegas Golden Knights and the NHL Network on a wacky dream of drag racing a Zamboni machine the Farmtruck and AZN way, to their longest-running desire to create the Haunted Hearse, this brand-new series ups the crazy ante of builds thus far.

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