Hays Introduces High-Performance 6L80E Torque Convertor

Hays Introduces High-Performance 6L80E Torque Convertor

If your looking for a full race torque converter for the GM 6L80E 6-speed automatic transmission, Hays you covered. The new Twister Full Race Converter is designed for blown, nitrous, and turbocharged trans-brake applications and is available in four different stall-speed ranging from 2400-2800, 2800-3200, 3200-3600, and 3600-4200 RPM.

The Twister converter is built to withstand the punishment of 1000-horsepower engines. The 6l80E unit is internally welded (not brazed) for much longer life and greater consistency. The Hays website states, ”The heavy-duty Torrington bearings and carefully selected stators with high-flow vents and channels promote cooling, a custom-designed anti-balloon plate prevents converter swelling”. Each torque converter is inspected during every step of assembly and hand-built. With an Industry-leading Tech Support Team, Hay’s is available to assist with stall speed you might need for your application.


  • All Full Race series converters are built, tested, and proven to support up to 1,000 horsepower
  • Features a custom anti-balloon plate designed to stop potential torque converter ballooning
  • Designed to handle the extreme shock and abuse of trans-brakes, nitrous oxide, superchargers, and turbochargers.
  • State of the art Spray Welding process is used in select areas. Spray Welding provides clean, strong and consistent fusion while also increasing strength through hardening from higher process temperature
  • Each converter is hand-built and inspected in every step of assembly to ensure top of the line quality
  • All Hays torque converters are internally welded compared to brazing. Testing has shown welding provides longer converter life while also enhancing consistency
  • Heavy-duty Torrington bearings are used for greater strength and durability
  • Stators are chosen with high flow vents and channels to promote cooling in heat producing higher horsepower applications
  • Increased horsepower and acceleration due to weight saving, one application design. Almost all Hays converters are built for one application to reduce weight compared to a multi-bolt pattern converter.

For more information on the Hays 6l80E torque converter, please visit Holley.com.

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