Holley Releases New Lo-Ram LS Intake For Big-HP Boosted Engines

Holley Releases New Lo-Ram LS Intake For Big-HP Boosted Engines

GM’s LS engine platform has become the darling of budget racers and engine builders in the last couple of decades, as junkyard engines with bottom-end upgrades are routinely pushed well north of 1,000 horsepower, and do so reliably. Typically made possible with boost, a key component in reaching these heights lies in the intake manifold, and for those who are conscious of cost, a suitable, high-quality, turn-key part can be a tough find.

Recognizing this need in the marketplace, Holley Performance Products this week announced an all-new intake manifold offering for high-horsepower GM LS Gen III and IV engines. Priced at $799, it is perhaps the best bang-for-the-buck intake manifold for these engines available.

These Lo-Ram cast intakes (available in black or satin finishes) are designed for the aforementioned Gen III and IV engines equipped with LS 1/2/6 cathedral port cylinder heads, utilizing turbochargers and superchargers and with peak power in the 7000-8000 rpm range.

The intake has a number of features that lend itself to the specific needs of big-power racers: dual-injector o-ringed ports and dual, high-volume o-ringed fuel rails for large fuel volume demands; a 105mm front-feed throttle body opening; short runners catered to an optimum power curve for boost and the intended RPM range; and a pre-machined “large” 6-1/8- x 3-1/8-inch burst panel (burst panels, burst panel frame sets, and gaskets not included).

Overall, it measures just 9-inches in height, making it reasonably possible to fit under a factory or flat aftermarket hood, depending on the application, as an added bonus.


Fuel rail kits are included with two sets of brackets for EV1 or PICO style injectors. The Lo-Ram manifold kits include o-rings, plugs, and hardware required for the installation.

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