Mark Williams Introduces New CV Joint Drag Racing Driveshafts

Mark Williams Introduces New CV Joint Drag Racing Driveshafts

Mark Williams Enterprises, responsible for a number of innovations and advancements in the drag racing space over its long history, has developed a series of ultra-strong driveshaft assemblies that feature continuous velocity (CV) joints in place of the more conventional U-joints.

CV joints, utilized on virtually all front-wheel drive production automobiles, allow for continuous speed between the output shaft of the transmission and the pinion, even at relatively extreme operating angles. U-joints, due to their inherent design, incur velocity loss as angles increase. This is of particular importance with 4-link suspension systems, which are now traditional fare on dragsters. 

The team at Mark Williams set out to develop a CV-style design that could handle the rigors of drag racing, and the result are these shafts intended for use in drag cars with the transmission positioned close to the rear end — namely dragsters, altereds, and Funny Cars, with limited suspension travel.

Mark Williams’ CV shaft package fits “shorty’ Powerglide transmissions with 27- or 32-spline output shafts, and the assembly consists of a tail housing, driveshaft, and pinion yoke. The shaft itself is produced from a super-tough 300M material and shot-peened. The 7075 aluminum transmission housing that bolts to the transmission is 27- or 32-spline. The CV joints go through a Supra-Fin isotropic super finishing process and are lightened and pre-lubed. As is standard on any CV joint, high-speed rubber boots and retaining cups are included to keep the lubricant in place and foreign contaminants out. As with any CV joint-equipped vehicle, the rubber boot should be part of your routine inspections for any tears or cracks that could allow grit into the lubricant and west down the joint components.

The CV 9-inch differential pinion flange is included and available in 28- and 35-spline configurations. The center shafts are made to fit your specific chassis/engine/transmission combination, and the assembly is delivered ready for bolt-in installation.

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