Masks and the Summernationals


What a mess! I’ll start by saying that I absolutely hate the masks, I don’t feel that they really do anything, and of course they’re hot, uncomfortable, and worst of all, they hide my beautiful bearded face!

However, I was amazed/pissed at the amount of people that didn’t wear masks or try to distance. Whether you’re in agreement with the order or not, y’all should wear one to these events, and here’s why.

The government and the NHRA worked together to allow the event to have fans in attendance. Up to this point in the pandemic, there have been very few events allow any type of spectators. So, the fact that we were allowed to attend was a privilege and we should do everything we can to make sure it keeps happening. There were likely government agents there monitoring what was going on in order to make a decision on moving forward. This will have a ripple effect to other states and organizations whether you want to believe it or not.

The other part to this is the “social distancing” that was requested in the event you don’t have your mask on. So in the stands, in theory, there was plenty of room for everyone to spread out, and not have to wear a mask. But no, y’all want to come to the stands late and sit wherever you find a spot, taking away the ability to social distance from the people that say, socially distanced from one another!

This whole situation is crazy, I agree. But the reason we ALL have to wear the masks is because the “older population is at high risk and we don’t want them to die” yet, almost every old person I saw at the track didn’t have a mask on! And every single person that took up an empty space in the stands around me, was old as shit! Like “Hey dumbass, if you get it YOU are a lot more likely to die or end up in the hospital than me!” I mean I get it, you’re old, you “know better”. The “guvment” can’t “tell you what to do”. That’s all great, but that just means the rest of us have to suffer longer because you’re too damned stubborn to do what is right!

So, mask up people, the sooner you realize that the only people you are hurting is, literally everyone, the better off we’ll all be!

Oh, and if the person that was talking shit about my kid wearing his mask and hearing protection in the pits is on here, you’re lucky I wasn’t there to hear it.


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