Matt Smith, a three-time Pro Stock Motorcycle world champion, is ready to go racing.

Pro Stock Motorcycle competition will begin July 11-12 with NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing at Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis. 

Smith leads his team of riders at Matt Smith Racing, which also consists of his wife, Angie and Scotty Pollacheck. They all run Buells.

“Everything is ready,” Smith said. “We’re ready to race. We have been doing a lot of dynoing, some crazy things on the dyno, trying to learn some stuff. We have some stuff we want to try so we will definitely do the (July 10) test at Indy and then run the race. I think we are set. There are just a couple of things that I want to try that we learned on the dyno and if all that works well, we will apply it to all the bikes.

“My expectation is that because we don’t have a Countdown, we have to make every race count now. We have to go to the first race and be good and we really have to make a good effort to go run fast the first race. That’s what we are shooting for right now.”

Smith said David Barron also will be running a fourth motorcycle for MSR at the first event in Indy. 

“He watched our Facebook Live when I did a deal and he saw where we rented bikes and he had rented a bike from Blake Gann at Gainesville and of course it didn’t happen,” Smith said. “He called me up and said that he didn’t know we rented bikes and I told him that I have one of the best rental programs out there that’s able to do it. He told me he wanted to run five races and I said let’s see what one looks like first. He’s entered at the Indy race and if I don’t think he’s ready we will roll that to another race. He’s going to test (July 10) at Indy and we will see what happens for the race.”

Smith said he can’t wait to get back on the track.

“I’m very anxious and ready to go racing and I think no different than anybody else who races and all the fans out there, I think they are ready to watch us go race,” Smith said. “I think everybody is on the same path here.”

Most national event races on the latest revised schedule are two-day events, but Smith believes he will be able to handle the load of wrenching bikes and driving.

“The biggest thing that I’m kind of a little upset with at the moment is I have heard we are going to get our money cut by going to two days,” Smith said. “I don’t understand why they are really doing that, but, oh well, we will wait and see.”


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