Sisko Doubles For $1.2 Million In All-Time Legendary Performance

Sisko Doubles For $1.2 Million In All-Time Legendary Performance

If the year 2020 has proven anything, it’s that anything — even the most unthinkable — is possible, and New Jersey racer Steve Sisko’s performance at the JEGS-SFG $1.1 Million race is a fitting storyline for what has been a season and a year unlike any other.

On Saturday evening, driving a borrowed car from Anthony Bertozzi, Sisko turned on the most lucrative win-light in drag racing history, capturing the winner’s share of a record payout of $1.1 million. Incredibly, a day later, in another borrowed car, Sisko marched through round after round in the event’s $100,000 finale and won for a second time. All told, Sisko outlasted upwards of 1,200 entries over the two days, in two different cars, and could not be denied.

Official Release:

Steve Sisko further engrained his place in drag history last Sunday at US 131 Motorsports Park when he won the Hansen Global $100,000-to-win race, less than 24 hours after winning the highest paying drag race in history: the JEGS-SFG $1.1 Million. Perhaps more impressive, he did it in a completely different car than he won the $1.1M main event in the night before.

“I was doubled and in the second round, I got timed out,” says Sisko, describing his rough start to the race. “I felt bad because this is the car I was bringing before Anthony [Bertozzi] offered me the Nova, and last night, Bob who owns the car messaged me and said he was proud, but I won in the wrong car. So I had to get him some type of money back, so I’m sure he’s happy.

“I have to thank my wife…I love her to death and it’s all for [her], Sisko added.”

Quarterfinals: In the quarterfinals, six drivers remained including Sisko, Brandon Taylor, Jason Overstreet, Matt Richezza, and Top Fuel ace, Shawn Langdon.

Sisko defeated Richezza, going 6.503 on a 6.50 dial-in after posting a .028 light. Richezza was .034 on the tree and ran 6.372 on a 6.37 dial-in.

Taylor beat Langdon with a .004 package, running 4.593 on a 4.59 dial-in after a .001 light. Langdon was competitive with a .010 light and a 4.604 run on a 4.59 dial-in.

Overstreet was on the bye and ran 6.053 on his 6.06 dial-in.

Semifinals: In the semis, Sisko took on Overstreet, posting a .019 light and 6.521 run on a 6.51 dial-in. Overstreet broke out for the loss with a 6.048 on his 6.05 dial-in.

Taylor was on the bye in his DragCoverage machine, posting a solid .011 light and running 4.578 on his 4.58 dial-in.

Finals: In the final round, Sisko stepped up to the occasion with a .008 package, starting with a .006 light and ending with a 6.492 run on a 6.49 dial-in. Taylor narrowly broke out with a 4.566 on his 4.57 dial-in.

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