Street Car Takeover Rocks Lucas Oil Raceway

Street Car Takeover Rocks Lucas Oil Raceway

We’re living in the golden age of factory-built performance cars right now, and it’s a glorious thing. You can go to your local Chevy, Dodge, or Ford dealership and pick up a car that’s making at least 500 horsepower to the tires, with a warranty and all. The team at Street Car Takeover provides the owners of these cars and anybody else with a fast street car a venue to come play with their high-horsepower toys.

For several years now the Street Car Takeover has crisscrossed the United States, putting on events at many different venues. This year has been particularly difficult, but the series has pressed on to give fans and racers something to look forward to.

The event at Lucas Oil Raceway just outside of Indianapolis, Indiana had an outstanding mix of cars for fans to check out, and even with the oppressive heat and mask requirements, there were still plenty of cars in the pits and fans in the stands. There was also a small manufacturers midway and a car show for everyone to enjoy, helping to bring a sense of normalcy in these challenge times.

Friday night featured several no-prep classes and the Lucas Oil Raceway surface was a challenge for the racers. On Saturday, the full Street Car Takeover experience was unleashed, with the roll racing portion of the show during the day, and then drag racing action that ran deep into the night. The mixture of heads-up, index, and specialty classes allowed for just about anyone to get some track time.

Make sure you check out the Street Car Takeover website here to see where series is headed next and what class you can participate in.

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