Using A FuelTech ECU For Bracket Racing

Using A FuelTech ECU For Bracket Racing

FuelTech has established itself as one of the premier EFI companies in drag racing with its line of ECUs, ignition products, and sensors. Throngs of elite-level heads-up teams use FuelTech products, but did you know that these very same products can benefit your bracket racing program? FuelTech has ways you can use its ECUs in bracket racing applications with a carburetor to make your car more consistent.

The key to using a FuelTech ECU with a carbureted engine lies in the ignition system — FuelTech has developed a way for racers to use coil-on-plug to control the ignition that doesn’t use fuel injection. There’s no distributor used on the engine — just a cam-sync sensor, or you can use the wasted-spark method to run the coils. This allows one of FuelTech’s ECUs to run the ignition, which also means you can then use all of the sensor and data-logging abilities of the ECU.

To make the ECU legal for bracket racing, FuelTech has made changes to its firmware to limit some of the features the system has available. This means you can flash into the ECU the type of racing you’re doing, whether that’s delay box or non-delay box racing. When you activate one of these versions of the software it will turn off features like traction control that aren’t legal in bracket racing. This can be confirmed via the data-logger, so it’s easy to tech by race officials.

Make sure you check out this entire video to see all the ways using an ECU can help your bracket racing program. It also proves you don’t need to be an EFI wizard to make FuelTech products work on your car. Stop by the FuelTech website right here to see just how robust these ECUs are.

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