World’s Fastest H-Pattern Nitrous LS-Powered Car

World's Fastest H-Pattern Nitrous LS-Powered Car

If it’s one thing we love, it’s manually shifted race cars. Even though they aren’t as common as they once were, we still enjoy watching competitors row through the gears. This method of gear changes only gets better when a power adder gets added to the mix. You will quickly figure out who can drive and who can’t, with all of that added horsepower on tap.

Alan Morgan owns a stick shift fourth-gen Camaro and can drive the wheels of this car. And after watching the video of this nitrous-huffing monster leave the line, any doubts you might have will be put to rest. This Camaro appears to be a handful during not only the launch but in between shifts all the way down the track.

Photos by: Wes Taylor

According to Streetoctane, this car holds the record for the world’s fastest H-pattern LS-powered car on nitrous. And while this is an impressive feat, it also lands him in the top ten quickest stick shift 1/8-mile race cars at number six. The best pass for Morgan so far is a blistering 5.42 E.T. at 130 mph.

Street Octane: Stick Shift Track List

2018-2020 Season Only 1/8-Mile:

  1. Jonathan Atkins – 4.78 at 154 mph — Turbo 4th Gen LT Camaro
  2. Yandro Ulloa – 4.89 at 148 mph — Twin Turbo ’98 Cobra
  3. Jared Cocanougher – 5.22 at 146 — Twin Turbo C5 Z06
  4. James Short – 5.37 at 141 mph — Turbo Fourth-Gen Camaro
  5. Chris Moore – 5.37 at 138 mph — Turbo Fourth-Gen Camaro
  6. Alan Morgan – 5.42 @ 130 mph — Nitrous Fourth-Gen Camaro
  7. Vlad Yevtushenko 5.56 @ 124 mph — Turbo ’98 Supra
  8. Stephan Eades – 5.58 @ 133 mph — Twin Turbo Nissan 280Z
  9. Justin Wollard – 5.64 @ 126 mph –Turbo Trans Am
  10. Danny Hardt – 5.67 @ 129 mph — Turbo Small Block Ford Fox Body

The engine in the fourth-gen Camaro consists of a built ls3 that’s been punched out to 416 cubic-inches with a CamMotion solid roller cam and a set of Total Engine Airflow (TEA) 235 heads complete the long block. The Holley Dominator handles the engine functions along with fueling for the Induction Solutions direct port dry nitrous system.

What’s really interesting about this combination is the driveline. Tick Performance started out with a Tremec Magnum T56, face plated the unit, and deleted fifth and sixth gear. Tick Performance refers to this modification as their Ultimate Race Prep modification. Morgan said, “With the Ultimate Race Prep, it makes it nearly impossible to miss third gear due to using the reverse lockout to block the gate. I also did it to remove as much weight as possible.” Other mods include a Black Magic clutch kit and a complete Midwest Chassis suspension setup.

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