BMR Suspension Offers New Motor Mounts For 1993-2002 F-Body

BMR Suspension Offers New Motor Mounts For 1993-2002 F-Body

If you’re a performance automotive enthusiast, one thing that you will quickly learn, flex is bad. Anytime that something is allowed to move around, energy is being wasted. While the factory 1993-2002 F-Body motor mounts were good enough for the OEM, they leave a lot to be desired when it comes to performance. Luckily, BMR Suspension has come to the rescue with some new parts for these LS-powered vehicles.

Here is an image of the polyurethane motor mounts shown in red. Black Hammertone is also available.

The OEM mounts are made of rubber and are designed to absorb noise and vibration, offering a smooth ride. The problem is, the factory mounts do little for performance, especially if they’re worn out. BMR’s Motor Mounts (PN MM340) are made with 95-durometer polyurethane bushings and 1/4-inch laser-cut steel plates offering uncompromised strength and durability. These mounts significantly reduce engine movement when compared to the OEM parts with little change with noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH). Unlike rubber, polyurethane bushings allow the engine to react quicker, which is perfect for street performance and drag racing.

BMR’s solid motor mounts are designed to get rid of any flex that the other mounts might have, including the polyurethanes.

If you’re looking for even more rigidity for your 1993-2002 LS-powered F-Body, BMR offers another product. Their Solid Motor Mounts (PN MM341) eliminates all engine movement by removing the soft factory rubber bushings and replacing them with a solid solution. Like the polyurethane mounts, the PN MM341 is constructed out of ¼-inch laser cut steel for the ultimate rigidity. The MM341s are perfect for street performance, drag racing, and handling applications.

You can expect about a 2-3 hour installation time with both of these engine mounts. They are available in both red or black Hammertone and are proudly made right here in the USA. For more information on these products and others, be sure to check out BMR Suspension’s website for all of your suspension needs.

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