Design Engineering Inc. Introduces GEN-3 Turbo Shield

Design Engineering Inc. Introduces GEN-3 Turbo Shield

Design Engineering Inc. (DEI) is always pushing forward, delivering new innovative products that are even better than their previous versions. The latest item to hit the market from DEI is the GEN-3 Titanium Turbo Shield. The new heat shield is the most heat-resistant turbo product on the market. The GEN-3 Turbo Shield features a silicone-coated outer layer, multiple stainless steel and silica inner layers, and enhanced seam strength.

Mike Buca, DEI Product Manager, said: “By developing advanced textiles and diving deep into what is needed to control turbo heat, we incorporated all our experience to build the absolute best turbo shield on the market— the GEN-3 Titanium Turbo Shield.”

The new GEN-3 Titanium Turbo Shield offers complete turbo protection and durability through a unique four-layer design. The outer shell is made out of DEI’s Titanium material and is coated in silicone to insulate and hold up under the most extreme conditions. The insulation layer is made of silica insulation, keeping heat inside the turbo shield and turbo housing.

The inner layer consists of a blend of stainless steel, glass fiber, and silicone to add to the GEN-3 insulating and thermal properties. Finally, an inner cover made of stainless steel mesh is incorporated that serves as an air gap barrier. This innovative mesh will not become brittle or break down under excessive heat.

The GEN-3 Titanium Turbo Sheild is available for T2, T4, T6, T25/T28, and T6X turbochargers. You can purchase the shields individually or as a kit, which includes the shield, 2×15-foot roll of Titanium Exhaust Wrap for the downpipes, two 20-inch stainless steel locking ties, and they even include five feet of safety wire used to secure the turbo shield.

For more information about GEN-3 Titanium Turbo Shields and DEI’s complete line of performance heat and sound control products, visit

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