Earl’s new Hook and Loop Insulation Is A Game-Changer

Earl's new Hook and Loop Insulation Is A Game-Changer

Safety first! Earl’s always has the racer’s safety in mind. So its no shocker they take this into consideration when developing new products, like its new Hook & Loop Guard Insulation. Like all Earl’s products, these are no different. This is an insulation wrap that is rated up to 3000 degrees Farenheight and can be installed and removed with ease.  These completely replace the old expensive and time-consuming insulation wraps of the past.

This non-asbestos insulation wrap is the perfect solution for insulating hose, cable, or wiring against extreme heat. Not only that, but the hook and loop closure makes it easy to install and means that you can add it at any time. They are also pre-made wraps that come in various sizes. Including 3/4″ to 2″ inside diameter and 12″ or 18″ lengths. They use sewn pre-cut ends to prevent fraying over time and are covered in a black silicone rubber that protects up to 500 degrees F continuous, up to 200 degrees F for 15-20 minutes, and 3000 degrees F for 15-30 seconds.

You can get more information and purchase the correct size and length you need here.

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