Enter CID’s Made In The USA Racing Stimulus Package Giveaway

Enter CID's Made In The USA Racing Stimulus Package Giveaway

Competition Induction Designs (CID) is in the business of building only the best products right here in the USA. This company specializes in cylinder heads and intake manifolds for several different combinations from Ford and Chevrolet. The company is having a contest and giving away a $1,400+ CID one-piece carbureted or fuel-injected Ford or LS intake manifold that has been CNC lightened.

Some features of the CID manifolds include near equal length runners, a 4500 or 4150 flange option, and are perfect for naturally-aspirated engines around the 650+ horsepower mark. CID states, “While the runners are shorter to begin with, we didn’t want to make this a high HP only intake. So the cross-section of the runners in its as-cast form can be ordered with 4, 4.5. and or 5-inches of area at the plenum.” The manifolds are also available for standard deck height (9.240″), medium height (9.45″), and tall deck (9.750″) blocks if you are looking to purchase one.

To enter the CID Made In The USA Racing Stimulus Package Giveaway, you will need to do three things. First, you will need to click this link then Like and Share the post. After you have accomplished your first mission, you will then need to do the same for this link. Like it and Share it. Finally, all you need to do is like and follow CID’s Facebook page if you haven’t already, and just like that, you will be entered to win either a Ford or LS CNC lightened intake manifold.

This contest is open to businesses and individuals in any country, but freight will only be included within the USA. Meaning, if you’re out of the states, you will be responsible for shipping and handling. CID will be selecting the winner on August 31st, 2020.

Be sure and check out CID’s website for a complete listing of all of their products.

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