How It Works –The Concept Behind Stage 8 Fasteners

How It Works –The Concept Behind Stage 8 Fasteners

Vibrations cause bolts to loosen up so it should be no surprise that bolts can shake loose on an engine. You may have thought that gremlins cause the bolts to back out, but that’s just not the case. It is usually a case of high-frequency vibration that rattles the fastener loose.

In the video above, the basic concept of how a Stage 8 Locking Fastener works is visually evident. What you do not see are some of the other environmental factors that Stage 8 fasteners guard against, like temperature.

One of those common problem areas is the exhaust system. Temperature changes from hot to cold cause metals to expand and contract, then add vibrations of the engine and you have a fastener problem. Obviously, a bolt kit from Stage 8 is a solution to that problem.

Stage 8 Fasteners feature a simple, yet very effective design that keeps bolts where they need to be. The bolts install like typical hardware, but they have a unique groove on the head of the bolt. With the bolt tightened, a locking retainer is slipped over the head of the bolt and an external E-clip is snapped into the groove. The retainer rests against any fixed part of the engine to keep the bolt from turning.

Stage 8 Locking Fasteners install quickly and easily, much like the standard bolt. The company recommends using anti-seize on the threads, especially when bolting into aluminum. The bolts can be torqued to factory specifications, and the locking retainer is slipped over the bolt head. Once the retainer is installed, an E-clip locks everything into place.

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