How To Order A Custom Steering Column From IDIDIT

How To Order A Custom Steering Column From IDIDIT

If you’re building a custom car or making modifications to one, there will be times where you need to order one-off parts to get the job done. Steering columns are something that can need to be tailored to a specific car or truck, and IDIDIT can make that happen. IDIDIT offers customers the ability to order a custom steering column from its Universal Series, and it’s made the process super easy.

The proper placement of a steering column in the cabin of a car is very important for several different reasons. First, the placement of the steering column will dictate how comfortable and easy the car will be to drive…the last thing you want is a steering column that is just too short or too long for the car. The next area of concern is going to be safety — you don’t want the column too close to you in case there’s an accident.

To make getting the right column easier for your build, IDIDIT has created custom column forms for its most popular Universal steering columns. Each of these forms are available as a PDF that can be downloaded and filled out on the IDIDIT website. The diagram on the form breaks down all of the key measurements of the column that you’ll need to be aware of. You are given the option to fill in the shaft length, where the wiring harness is positioned, the type of shaft, and the finish you want on the column. You can also add your vehicle information and any additional comments for IDIDIT to help its team build a column for you.

You can check out the different column forms and options right here on the IDIDIT website.

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