RJ Race Cars Unveils Richard Freeman’s New 1967 Pro Mod Mustang

RJ Race Cars Unveils Richard Freeman's New 1967 Pro Mod Mustang

Richard Freeman has built an amazing roster of drivers at Elite Performance that compete in Pro Stock, and he’s even made some laps in the class at NHRA events. The Elite camp has fielded some Pro Mod cars in the past from time to time, and it’s about to jump back into that class with both feet with a stunning 1967 Ford Mustang from RJ Race Cars.

The Freeman family has been entrenched in doorslammer racing since Richard’s father Royce started racing Pro Stock in the 1970s. Through the Elite empire of companies, the Freeman family has found a way to help racers across the country at all levels with their support equipment and horsepower needs. It’s rare for Richard and the family to not be at an NHRA event helping their drivers win races.

Rick and Rickie Jones Jr. from RJ Race Cars have aided the Elite Performance teams by not only building the cars they pilot, but also tuning them at the track. This new Mustang was built with the same level of craftsmanship that’s put into the championship-winning Pro Stock cars used at Elite Performance by the team at RJ Race Cars. When Richard picked up the car from RJ Race Cars headquarters, it was ready to hit the track with all of the wiring, plumbing, and other work finished.

There’s no official word as to when Richard will start making laps in his new hot rod yet. One thing is for sure, this sexy and sleek Mustang will stand out in a Pro Mod class filled with Chevrolet Camaros.

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