The Callies Ultra Billet RB30 Crankshaft

The Callies Ultra Billet RB30 Crankshaft

Trying to discover new ways to improve an engine requires some creative problem-solving skills when you’ve exhausted just about every avenue available. Bullet Race Engineering had an idea that was way outside the box for its Drag Extreme RB30 engine, so it reached out to Callies to design a crankshaft for this unique mill. The final result is the Ultra Billet RB30 crankshaft, a unit that’s designed for high boost applications.

The Drag Extreme RB30 engine is a hybrid between a Toyota 2JZGTE and Nissan RB30DET engine. Inside the billet block, you’ll find a set of 2JZ main bearings, this was done so the engine could be exposed to high levels of boost. Bullet decided to use the wide bore spacing of the RB30 for the block’s architecture, plus it used the better flowing head of an RB30 engine for maximum power.

Callies made sure to add weight to the crank wherever it could to increase strength. The foundation of the Ultra Billet RB30 crankshaft is the 4320 Timken steel that Callies selected for the material. When you mix everything together and add in the Ultra Billet RB30 crankshaft, you get an engine that can handle 100 PSI of boost on its way to generating 3,200 horsepower.

Heath Norton from Callies explains what the company did to make sure the Ultra Billet RB30 crankshaft was ready for high boost applications.

“Our Design Engineer Nick Norris went about the design process with the same approach we do with all of our high-horsepower components, he put mass in the right places. In a boosted application you need that mass because you get all of your power out of the turbo, and the boost it creates will put stress on the crank. You want your engine to survive, but you can’t just add material everywhere, you have to add it in a location with precision to make sure you’re not going to create other issues.”

If you want to learn more about this crankshaft make sure you visit the Callies website right here.

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