The RC Components Deuce Comp Series Wheels

The RC Components Deuce Comp Series Wheels

Putting a racing program together that’s designed to compete at a high level takes time, and that means a class could change while you’re building a car. RC Components has found a way to create a wheel that will allow you to race in both big-tire and small tire-classes without requiring large modifications to your race car with the Deuce Comp Series rear race wheels.

When you’re shopping for drag racing wheels it’s ideal to find a product that balances both strength and lower unsprung weight. This package gives you an optimal balance of performance and safety that’s perfect for the extreme nature of drag racing. RC Components really wanted to make sure the Deuce Comp Series wheels had both of the traits included when the design process began.

By putting a lot of engineering into the Deuce Comp Series wheel, RC Components made it possible for someone with a car that’s built for big tires to race on small tires without modifying their rearend. RJ Clutter from RC Components explains how the company designed the wheels.

“It was a fine line to walk making sure that there was enough material in these wheel centers for strength while keeping the weight as low as possible. Overall, these wheel centers only add about 2-pounds to the wheel, and being at the center of the wheel that should not be a problem for anyone. The wheels are SFO certified and heat-tested to be sure they’re able to take all the stress put on them.”

The wheels have centers with a 2-inch offset built-in, this allows 15-inch wheels to be made all the way down to 1-inch backspace on a 15 x 14 or smaller, and down to 3-inch backspace on 16-inch wheels. RC offers the wheels in both its Torx and Hammer designs. To learn more about these wheels and see what sizes are available visit the RC Component website right here.

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