TITAN Fuel Tanks Show How Strong Its Tanks Really Are

TITAN Fuel Tanks Show How Strong Its Tanks Really Are

Fuel tanks are more than just a home for the juice that keeps your vehicle running, they have to be designed to protect their contents in case something catastrophic occurs. The design goes beyond the shape of the tank and what will be used to pump the fuel out, there material is key, as well. These two videos from TITAN Fuel Tanks demonstrate this with some serious flair.

A fuel tank can be made from metal or a high-grade polyethylene and that decision will depend on the application. There are benefits to each, but polyethylene tanks have grown in popularity due to their weight advantage, strength, and their ease of manufacturing. Another big advantage of the polyethylene tank is the level of safety it can provide if it becomes compromised.

TITAN Fuel Tanks has taken the polyethylene fuel tank to a whole new level with its XLHDPE material. This material is military-grade and cross-linked on the molecular level to create a continuous and three-dimensional structure. What this means is when the tank is exposed to some type of impact, the energy is dissipated over the chain of molecules that make up the XLHDPE. By developing a material that acts in this way, TITAN has created tanks that are more resistant to damage than your typical metal fuel tank.

In these two videos from TITAN we see just how well its tanks hold up to different forms of blunt force trauma. Make sure you head over to the TITAN Fuel Tanks website here to see all of the different tanks that are available for a variety of applications.

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