Total Seal’s Hidden Horsepower Podcast Talks To Ed Pink

Total Seal's Hidden Horsepower Podcast Talks To Ed Pink

Recently, Total Seal’s podcast, Hidden Horsepower, had a guest whose name is probably familiar to most of you reading this — Ed Pink of Ed Pink Racing Engines. Known as the “Old Master,” Pink is a living legend in motorsports, having gotten started in land-speed racing just after World War II. Pink then apprenticed (for lack of a better term) under some heavy names, learning the science of horsepower, until he hung his own shingle in 1958.

From there, he grew the business by not only doing work for some of the greats of the sport, but by competing himself in order to showcase his engine building capabilities. Not only did he go rounds, but he did so without nuking the engine, which was a feat in and of itself. After two decades of drag racing, Pink branched out to other forms of motorsports and was met the familiar taste of success.

Some of Pink’s accolades include USAC Midget wins numbering in the triple-digits and season-championships in the double-digits. Additionally, he has an Indy 500-winning engine to his name, not to mention engines in probably every form of motorsport in-between. He’s in not one, not two, but THREE different Halls of Fame (International Drag Racing Hall of Fame [1995], Motorsports Hall of Fame of America [2012], and the SEMA Hall of Fame [2018]) and received the NHRA’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

In this podcast, Ed discusses his life, career, most famous projects, and what has continued to motivated him over his expansive career with Keith Jones, Director of Technical Sales at Total Seal, and Hidden Horsepower host Joe Castello. For anyone who appreciates both technology and history, this is a must-listen episode. It can be streamed via SoundCloud HERE.

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