Batter Up! The Hail Mary Derby Is On Deck At MDIR

Batter Up! The Hail Mary Derby Is On Deck At MDIR

The COVID pandemic has impacted the 2020 drag racing season with many large events being rescheduled or canceled altogether. The Haltech World Cup Finals presented by Wiseco (WCF) has fallen victim to COVID restrictions, but Maryland International Raceway (MDIR) won’t be silent November 4-8. The Hail Mary Derby will run in place of the WCF, and it’s going to be an event like no other.

The WCF is more than just a drag race…it’s an experience that really can’t be put into words and must be experienced in person. What makes the WCF so unique is its ability to combine cars from multiple organizations into classes and allow them to race head-to-head competitively. That formula, combined with Jason Miller’s astounding track prep and the great weather conditions during the WCF, has allowed for many world records to be broken over the past 24 years.

Since the 25th edition of the WCF wouldn’t be the same with the COVID restrictions in place the Miller Brothers Productions team that organizes the WCF decided to call an audible. The Hail Mary Derby will give racers the chance to take advantage of the track prep and conditions during the WCF with multiple shots at the track. With just 220 spots available for this event racers will get the possibility to make 12-16 passes total in any trim they want.

Since there won’t be any rulebook outside of the IHRA safety rules, the Hail Mary Derby could produce some monstrous runs. This will help some teams get ready for the 25th WCF that will be coming to MDIR November 3-7 2020. It’s going to be interesting to see how teams take advantage of one of the most epic test sessions ever held in all of drag racing.

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