Crazy Street Racing Crash At The H-Town Throwdown

Crazy Street Racing Crash At The H-Town Throwdown

Drag racing has plenty of calculated risks, and the size of the risks depends on how fast you want to go and where you decide to race. While street racing is extremely dangerous, there are some who like to participate in events held on the streets in a controlled environment. These races can be exciting, however, when things go wrong the consequences can be dire.

Indiana native Jeff Thomas and his disco-era Nova known as Furious Styles have engaged in plenty of no-prep and street races all over the Midwest. Thomas has a reputation for being fast on any surface and not being afraid to spray the house down when feeding the nitrous to Furious Styles. The car is also a fan favorite — this was evident by the outpouring of support for Thomas when the Nova was stolen along with its trailer. Thankfully, the car and trailer were returned to Thomas so he could race in 2020.

The H-Town Throwdown event in Mcalister, Oklahoma was billed as one of your typical races held in front of a crowd on a closed-off street. By working with local officials, the events’ organizers were able to provide legitimate street racing in a relatively safe environment for those brave enough to step up to the challenge.

In this footage from the National No Prep Association, Thomas is sawing through the competition and picking up wins on the extremely tricky surface. When Thomas lined up against The Luv things took a turn for the worse and he endured a violent crash. The Nova went into a massive wheelstand and shot to the right when it came back down — after that, all Thomas could do was hold on for the ride as the car tumbled down the street. Thankfully, Thomas wasn’t seriously hurt, but it appears Furious Styles was mortally wounded in the crash.

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