Dodge NHRA Finals as a Canadian?


Buddy and I sobered up and thought going to the finale in Vegas at the end of October wasn’t the worst idea. Also seeing the series fall apart due to reduced payouts might make it a neat race for historical purposes.

[Canadians are not banned from entering the states](; only the land borders are closed to non-essential travel but our own government-funded media has admitted quite liberally that flights are still open and there’s basically no security. I thought that was kind of a weird admission for what’s supposedly a serious pandemic to basically advertise a loophole like this.

Couple questions though:

1. What are Nevada’s guidelines regarding self-isolation? Would hate to be trapped in America.
2. What’s the event experience like? I’ve been stock car racing the last month and while we *say* on social media that we’re taking covid protocols seriously, one look at photos from events and you can tell there are obviously no protocols in place and nobody actually cares. Is the NHRA equally laid back about things, or is there still a level of paranoia?

Have consulted with a few healthcare professionals about the seriousness of this stuff and to my surprise, nobody’s told me this is a bad idea, including one nurse friend from NYC who actually had covid. There seems to be a growing rhetoric that the pandemic wasn’t all that serious to begin with and by Friday Qualifying at the Vegas race it’s possible that covid protocols won’t be in place at all & the general public will have been told this lockdown stuff was an overreaction.


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