Does drag racing at a top tier level require a lot of skill?


Or is it just having insane reaction times+knowing how to hold the steering wheel straight+launch the chutes?

This is not bait, I’m genuinely interested. I’ve always watched drag racing but I’ve never asked myself how complicated it is (I’m not from the USA)

I know there’s a lot of technicalities in terms of how the cars, specially the Top Fuel dragsters, are built. It’s absolutely fascinating and I’ve heard that some parts almost disintegrate after each run. The speeds they reach in a 3 second span are also mind blowing.

This question also came to my mind because (forgive my sexism) many women have found success in the NHRA circuit. You have Brittany Force, Shirley Muldowney, Erica Enders, Angelle Sampey as NHRA champions. While the rest of the top racing leagues across the US and even in the world have never seen a single female champion.

Is the NHRA just many steps ahead of the rest in terms of inclusion, or is it just easier? I’m not kidding, this does sound bad. But it is what it is. I need answers.


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