Engine Pro Offers Parts To Help You Make Horsepower

Engine Pro Offers Parts To Help You Make Horsepower

The high-performance diesel market continues to grow in popularity as consumers demand more horsepower for their vehicles. Engine Pro has really leaned into the diesel market and used its gas engine knowledge to provide some impressive products. Now, Engine Pro can help anyone looking for high-performance diesel valvetrain products that want to crank up the boost.

Engine Pro saw an opportunity to use its Nitro-Black valve line’s technology in the mid-size diesel world and immediately took action. The company offers numerous valves, drop-in valve springs, and 4130 heavy-wall steel seamless pushrods that can be ordered in custom sizes. You can also get the Viton valve stem seals you need to assemble your cylinder head with these parts.

With all of the boost that a high-performance diesel engine sees, the valves really need to be durable to avoid any issues. The valves Engine Pro offers are made from Inconel materials and feature stellite faces like all Nitro-Black valves. The proprietary five-step liquid nitriding process Engine Pro uses improves the ductility, provides a smoother surface that reduces valve guide wear, plus it fights corrosion and deposits.

Dave Sutton from Engine Pro explains how the company’s diesel performance parts can help an engine generate more power.

“You’ll need to control the valves and keep them seated at higher RPM and under boost. Our drop-in valve springs will do this without a bunch of machining to make them fit. Our pushrods are stiff and won’t flex so you don’t have to worry about them breaking while getting all that lift from the cam up to the rocker arms. Speaking of camshafts, performance diesel cams don’t work like naturally-aspirated gas engine cams, bigger is not better. It is critical to have the events of the camshaft timed correctly to build boost and to get turbos spooled up quickly.”

If you’re looking for additional horsepower for your diesel engine check out the Engine Pro website here.

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