Fastest In America New Season Coming In October

Fastest In America New Season Coming In October

JJ DaBoss and his team from Memphis Street Outlaws are always ready to throw down on the street and they’re back for another season of Street Outlaws: Fastest In America. Discovery Channel is bringing the new season of this Street Outlaws spinoff show to televisions across the world October 19 at 8pm ET/PT.

If there’s anything we learned from the first season of Fastest In America, it’s that JJ DaBoss is full of surprises and he’s not afraid to stir the pot. Last season, the show featured teams from South Carolina, St. Louis, Kentucky, Mississippi, Detroit, New Orleans, Texas, and the Northeast, but this season the show is going even bigger. A total of 12 teams from every corner of the United States made the trip to some virgin pavement in Wyoming to see if they have what it takes to be the fastest on the streets.

Since JJ DaBoss loves surprises, he wanted to keep all the teams on their toes, so he decided to make a few adjustments to his “rules”. As always, “chase is race”, but outside of that, almost anything goes. Every team will be placed on a special bracket to see who will ultimately have to face JJ DaBoss and the Memphis Street Outlaws team in the final round.

This season of Street Outlaw: Fastest In America is going to be epic for sure. You’ll want to check out the premiere on October 19 to see who all was invited to JJ’s dance party for this season.

JJ Da Boss displays cash during race night drivers meeting

Official Release:

Twelve of the fastest racing teams in America descend upon a secret concrete road in Wyoming, 5,118 feet above sea level for their chance to fight for the prestigious title of the Fastest Street Racer in America. With $300,000 on the line and 12 teams fighting to win, drivers will do anything to be the last team standing and have the opportunity to race the defending champions, JJ da Boss and his MSO TEAM.

And this season, JJ is throwing out the rulebook! While “Chase is the Race” remains, this time there’s no penalty for crossing the center line, and if a winner can’t be determined within five seconds after reviewing the finish, there will be an automatic re-run.

Of the 12 teams this season, four of them are new to the competition. In the first “wildcard” round of racing, the four new teams will race against the four teams from last season who lost in the first round. The winners of the first round will then move on to race against the four teams from last year who won their brackets. Teams are eliminated until only one is left, and this last team will duke it out with the MSO for the championship.

High intensity, insane pressure, and extreme emotions rule in this ultimate Street Outlaws showdown, and only the best street racing team will make it to the finish line.

 STREET OUTLAWS: FASTEST IN AMERICA premieres Monday, October 19 at 8pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel. The series is produced by Pilgrim Media Group, a Lionsgate company. Viewers can catch a special sneak preview of the upcoming season during the finale of STREET OUTLAWS MEMPHIS on Monday, September 19 at 8pm ET/PT.

In addition to watching STREET OUTLAWS: FASTEST IN AMERICA on Discovery, viewers can join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #StreetOutlaws and following STREET OUTLAWS on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Hailing from every corner of the U.S., including teams Nola, Texas, and Detroit, this season’s lineup has veteran track racers like Axman from Virginia, as well as newcomers from Wyoming, Utah and Kentucky, who are looking to prove their worth and speed. It’s a level playing field on this cement stretch of road where no one has ever raced before.  And just like last season, the mental game will be just as important as the race on the road.  Grudges from last year, including a fight between Brent Self and Kye Kelly from Team Nola, which led Brent to go out on his own with a new team Black Sheep Mafia (BSM), will be finally settled on the streets.

This season of STREET OUTLAWS: FASTEST IN AMERICA was one of the first productions to go get back up and running after COVID-19 closed much of the country. Twelve teams of approximately 600 people and seventy-five production staff descended upon a desolate area in Wyoming to accomplish a daunting feat.  With COVID-testing daily, the production formed a bubble and there was not one case reported during production.

 STREET OUTLAWS: FASTEST IN AMERICA is produced for Discovery Channel by Pilgrim Media Group, with Craig Piligian and Sam Korkis serving as executive producers. For Discovery, Todd Lefkowitz and Gretchen Morning are executive producers, and Olivia Ghersen is associate producer.


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