Fiery Crash At JJ Da Boss Arm Drop Event

Fiery Crash At JJ Da Boss Arm Drop Event

There’s a lot that can go on during a drag race, and the faster the car is, the quicker those things can happen. During a JJ’s Arm Drop event at Mooresville Dragway last weekend, Al Boogie Roberson had to deal with one of those bad situations when his Camaro, known as “Honcho,” made hard contact with the wall and burst into flames.

Roberson has been around the grudge and no-time game for a long time, and he’s used to high-pressure situations and has developed nerves of steel because of them. Coming to a big winner-take-all event like JJ’s Arm Drop race to run for big money is something that Roberson lives for, so he was more than ready for this run since he was trying to win the $10,000 pot up for grabs.

On this wild pass, the car Roberson was racing appears to have a nitrous purge solenoid stick wide open and that added another layer of insanity to the situation. When JJ dropped his arms it looks like the Camaro in the far lane might have jumped, but Roberson still gives chase and things didn’t go as planned. Just before half-track Roberson’s Camaro makes a hard left and hits the guardrail nearly head-on — the force of the impact ruptured the car’s fuel cell, causing a massive fire. The Camaro then slowly rolled across the track through the fire with Roberson still inside.

In this video from Sketchy’s Garage, you can see just how big the fire was as all of the fuel burned. One thing you’ll notice is JJ is actually the first person that reaches the car to try and help Roberson. Thankfully, Roberson wasn’t hurt and it appears the Honcho Camaro can be repaired.

Photos Courtesy of Mooresville Dragway

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