Torque Converter Installation Tips From Circle D Specialties

Torque Converter Installation Tips From Circle D Specialties

Installing a fresh torque converter is a task that doesn’t have a lot of steps, but each one is very important if you want to do the job right. Some racers are very seasoned at swapping converters and have their own tricks, however, the same basic things need to be done each time. Today, we’ll look at some installation tips that Circle D Specialties recommend to make sure you install a torque converter correctly into a modern transmission.

It may seem like a simple step, but just checking to make sure your transmission is in good working order is a good idea before you bolt up a new torque converter. This can be done just by examining the transmission for cracks in the case, leaks, and making sure the fluid looks good. Take the time to see where the current converter sits by measuring it while it’s installed — this will make verifying you’ve installed the new one correctly when the time comes.

If everything looks good, you’ll want to ensure the new converter fits the flexplate. You can do this by checking that the bolts will fit through the flexplate, making sure the converter’s pads line up with the bolt circle on the flexplate, and the converter is engaging the crank properly. After that, it’s time to add some fluid to the torque converter to make sure it’s pre-lubed and finish up the installation process.

You’ll want to check out the Circle D Specialties website here to see the rest of the tips for installing a torque converter into a modern high-performance transmission.

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