Twin-Turbo ’76 Chevy Luv For Sale

Twin-Turbo '76 Chevy Luv For Sale

For whatever reason, we love getting on Facebook’s Marketplace and looking at all of the project vehicles for sale. Considering we have seven projects at the moment, we can’t take on any more, unfortunatly. But, that’s not going to keep us from looking. And when we find a unique project, we’ll let you know.

Our Facebook Marketplace find this week is a minitruck from Texas. This ’76 Chevy Luv has a lot to offer with LS power and twin turbos.

This week on Facebook Marketplace, we found a cool little 1976 Chevrolet Luv Truck that houses a twin-turbo LS combination. This truck was built by Trick Turbo out of Wichita Falls, TX. The owner decided to part ways with the Luv because they need the room in the shop, and they haven’t had time to finish it.

While the outside might need a little love — I fully intended that pun — everything else on the truck is either new or in great shape.

While this truck offers some serious power potential, it utilizes a blow-through carburetor setup of fueling.

The engine is a stock bottom end (SBE) 5.3-liter LS engine. It has a new cam, pushrods, valve springs, valve job, head gaskets, and studs. As you can imagine, the LS has a new Trick Turbo twin-turbo system on it as well with a custom log manifold kit, 3-inch downpipes, two 62/68 turbos, and Precision Turbo wastegates. There are two things that you will notice about this setup. One, it doesn’t have an intercooler meaning it’s not on gasoline. Two, it has a DaVinci blow-through carburetor, handling the fueling duties instead of EFI.

For the drivetrain, the Luv has a Jake’s TH400 with a trans brake and B&M shifter. A 3-inch aluminum driveshaft connects the transmission to the Fab 9-inch rear with Strange axles and 5/8 wheel studs. The Chevy also has a new custom-built Chromoly cage, 4-link rear suspension, with adjustable coil-overs. Weld RTS wheels are wrapped with new Hoosier tires on the rear, Mickey Thompson’s on the front, and Aerospace brakes on all four corners.

A 3-inch aluminum driveshaft get the power to the Fab 9-inch rear with strange axles with 5/8-inch lugs.

Other parts include an RPM data logger with lots of sensors and digital dash, MagnaFuel 500 pump, filter combo, 12-gallon fuel cell, Race Wire switch panel, and a cowl hood.

We’re not sure how much power this truck makes but we’re willing to bet it can push the limits of the stock bottom end 5.3 ls engine.

The Luv only needs a few things to be ready to go, including installing the front and back glass and finishing up the wiring. All of this LS-goodness can be yours for only $15,000. Now before you say anything about the price, add up all of the parts and let us know what you come up with. We’re willing to be it’s way more than the asking price even without labor.

For more information on the truck, you can reach out to Trick Turbo here on Facebook.

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