Vortech’s SBF V-30 Mounting Bracket And Cog Drive

Vortech's SBF V-30 Mounting Bracket And Cog Drive

The small-block Ford engine platform is perfect for some boosted fun, especially if you’re looking to lay down some blistering elapsed times at the drag strip. Getting the right supercharger for your blue oval beast is critical and Vortech is here to make that happen. Vortech’s V-30 mounting brackets and cog drive assemblies are perfect for Ford 5.0 and 5.8-liter engines.

When it comes to superchargers and Ford applications, Vortech has a deep history and is known for creating some outstanding packages. The V-30 supercharger is a great match for the 5.0 and 5.8-liter mills thanks to its efficient billet impeller, diverging diffusion technology, and enhanced air inlet system.

The mounting brackets released by Vortech for this application are driver side oriented and feature a dual ½” billet plate mount configuration. All of the hardware and spacers are included with the kit and it will accept belts up to 50mm wide. The cog drive assembly is based around a durable system of anodized billet aluminum pulleys that are compatible with 50mm Gates GT belts. Vortech designed the cog drive assembly to work with the 4FP016-041- 5.0L Accessory Drive Adapter, 4MA018-XXX- Series Universal Crank Pulleys, and 2G034-XXX-Series Supercharger Pulleys. You can purchase these kits with the V-30 94A, 102A, or 105A sized supercharger. The mounting bracket and cog drive assembly are also available separately if you already have a V-30 supercharger.

To learn more about these kits make sure you visit Vortech’s website right here.

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