Birt, Miron, Harrison, And Copson Win Big At No Mercy 11

Birt, Miron, Harrison, And Copson Win Big At No Mercy 11

South Georgia Motorsports Park (SGMP) kept the radial tire party going for a second straight weekend, as Duck X Productions’ No Mercy 11 followed up the postponed third-edition of the Sweet 16. And this one, like the Sweet 16, didn’t disappoint when it came to the on-track racing action.

There was a time when the internet experts proclaimed the nitrous oxide combination was dead in Radial vs The World, but Marcus Birt once again proved that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Birt’s Killin’ Time Racing-tuned Corvette has owned the RVW record in the past, and it found itself in the winner’s circle at No Mercy 11. As the rounds wore on, Birt got progressively stronger and beat both previous Sweet 16 winners on his way to the final. There, Birt found himself lined up against Jason Lee, in his first career RvW final round in his debut race in the class driving Eric Gustafson’s Camaro, and scored an easy win after Lee spun at the hit. The win was the second in as many weeks at South Georgia for KTR-tuned, nitrous-assisted cars, as J.R. Gray won in his debut at Monday night’s Sweet 16.

The Pro 275 action at No Mercy can only be described in one word: wild. In the span of one weekend, the class record was reset by a brand new car that nearly won the event, and a nitrous car from the bottom half of the field was crowned champion. Paul Gargus rolled he and Scott Tidwell’s Camaro out of the trailer untested and eventually laid down a 3.750 to set the record and go number one in qualifying in a huge 56-car field. In the end, it was number 21 qualifier James Miron that found himself the Pro 275 champion after performance-favorite Ziff Hudson couldn’t make the call.

No Mercy has to be one of Eddie Harrison’s favorite Limited Drag Radial events — he won the race in 2019 and parked his Camaro in the winner’s circle again in 2020 at No Mercy 11. Norman Chang stole the Limited Drag Radial spotlight early in the weekend with his impressive 4.007 pass, a new record for the class. But while records are great, when it counted Harrison got the job done and ran a 4.02 on a competition single in the final round.

X275 has a reputation as one of the most competitive classes in all of small-tire racing and it showed why at No Mercy 11. Class kingpin Ron Rhodes reset his small-block nitrous record with a 4.214 to go number one in qualifying, and he looked like the man to beat at No Mercy 11. Unfortunately for Rhodes, Blake Copson was on the property driving Many Buginga’s turbocharged Mustang. In the final round, Copson bested Rhodes to pick up his second victory of the year behind the wheel of his Mustang Cobra.

In Limited Street, Martin Connelly picked up yet another victory behind the wheel of his ProCharged Mustang after Jason Terrell turned on the red light. Connelly won a second class title on the weekend in DXP Street after defeating Shawn Pevlor with a holeshot in the final round. Ryan McClaskey pulled off the victory in Ultra Street by defeating Jason Spina in a close race.

Make sure to check out the final round and highlight videos from FloRacing to see all the action from No Mercy 11 at SGMP.

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