Cleetus McFarland And ‘Ruby’ Take On FL2K 2020

Cleetus McFarland And 'Ruby' Take On FL2K 2020


One noticeable trend that has been going on for a while now, especially with Corvettes, is big turbos and no hoods. While this is not everyone’s favorite look, we’re ok with it. Let’s face it, there’s not much room under the hood of any Corvette, so why not ditch the hood and save some weight even if it’s only 27-pounds? 

YouTube sensation Cleetus McFarland has been racing a hoodless C6 Corvette named Ruby for a while now. And while McFarland is known for his 7-second manually shifted Vettekart named Leroy, Ruby has the potential to go faster due to better aerodynamics and an automatic transmission. Recently the team changed up a few things on the C6 including, removing all of the air conditioning components, rewiring the car, and added a new turbo system with a Precision Turbo in preparation for FL2K 2020.

While at the event, McFarland participated in the roll race in which he took second place, and in the drag portion as well. During the second qualifying pass, Ruby sheared off all of the bolts securing the driver side axle and lost the accessory belt. There was just enough time to make it to the last qualifying session with the car back together, which was good considering McFarland had not secured a spot. However, Ruby had plans of her own, which didn’t include making a clean pass. The hoodless Corvette immediately killed the tires and managed a 9-second pass at 174 mph. 

Even with all of the bad luck at FL2k, something positive did happen while at the track. Ruby has been low 8s time and time again and has never broken into the 7-second zone. As luck would have it, McFarland was finally able to pilot the Corvette down the track for a personal record. Ruby ran a 7.74 at 177.25 in the 1/4-mile and 4.9 in the 1/8-mile, and in the video, McFarland is beside himself. Not only was this a first for Ruby, but it was also for McFarland. This ET surpassed his record time while driving Leroy The Savage making Ruby the quickest car in the McFarland arsenal.

We want to congratulate Cleetus McFarland and crew for all of their hard work and persistence on this car. And It’s official, Ruby is a ripper. Can we get a “Hell Yeah, Brother?”


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