Cooper Bogetti’s Awesome 2JZ-Swapped Camaro Goes 8.30s!

Cooper Bogetti's Awesome 2JZ-Swapped Camaro Goes 8.30s!

Social media personality Cooper Bogetti, who has starred alongside Cleetus McFarland and the 1320Video gang in recent years while developing a following and an arsenal of unique cars all his own, impressed at the recent FL2K in Florida with crazy one-off swap.

Last summer, Bogetti purchased a fourth-gen Camaro and set off on swapping its six-cylinder engine for a 130,000-mile LS6 with a supercharger — he put a built Powerglide and 9-inch rear end housing in the car, a fuel cell in the rear, a Holley EFI system, roll cage, and a number of other race-focused upgrades. Out of the gate, it ran 9.60s, but that wasn’t quite enough to satiate Bogetti, so earlier this year, the LS6 was yanked and the process began to swap in…gasp….an inline six-cylinder Toyota 2JZ. To ensure there was just the right level of obnoxiousness, the exhaust side of the big 83/85 Precision turbo was routed out the fenders into a “bullhorn” style exit for some killer flamage action on the two-step. All told, the setup made 1,180 horsepower to the tire.

Once complete, Bogetti took the car down to FL2K at the Bradenton Motorsports Park to compete in the Street Car Shootout with the hope of going 8.50s. The new build promptly exceeded those expectations by promptly running 8.46 at just shy of 165 mph off the trailer. After a series of off-pace runs, Bogetti found the combination and stepped it up to an 8.36 at 167. In due time, this ought to be a 7-second runner, but no matter the outcome, this right here is what hot rodding is all about: creativity, ingenuity, the pursuit of perfection, and an innate drive to do and be different. And a 2JZ, which once prowled the streets in Supras going toe-to-toe with the fourth-gen, now IN a fourth-gen, is just the right kind of different.

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