Countdown to the Championship 2021


Good morning to everyone on NHRA Reddit.

I was wondering what are your thoughts for the Countdown coming back next season?

Personally, I don’t mind the playoff format but I also think there could be some adjustments that would make it open to everyone participating and give drivers not competing for the title something to race for.

My idea is limit the countdown drivers to only the Top 8. That would also limit the possibility of a part time racer to snag a spot in the field. Make it hard to get into the countdown so every round counts. If there’s a part timer who makes the field then give them (-20) per event they miss in the regular season. Also give race winners (+10) per national event win during the reset.

After the fourth race in the countdown eliminate drivers 5-8 and revert those drivers back to their original points before the reset. So drivers outside the countdown can still race for a coveted Top 10 finish in the standings. Making every race matter for the entire field.

However, do not reset the final four. Let them race the final two races of the season with the current standings following that race.

I think this blends a playoff format but also limits the chances of part timers sneaking into the field and at the same time gives drivers not in the playoff field a chance to race their way into the Top 10.

Sorry for the long post but I wanted to see if anyone else felt the same way.

I don’t mind the countdown but I do enjoy how full season championships have a natural flow and goes through all different weather conditions and makes every round count.


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