Induction Solutions’ Billet DryFI Nitrous Plate System

Induction Solutions' Billet DryFI Nitrous Plate System

Nitrous Oxide is the most affordable power-adder available, and it can be used in different ways within the drag racing world. As EFI continues to grow in popularity, companies are finding ways to incorporate nitrous controls into ECUs. The Induction Solutions Billet DryFI nitrous plate system is specially designed to work with most EFI systems and intakes that uses a 4150 or 4500 carburetor intake flange.

Induction Solutions is known for its high-end nitrous systems for heads-up racing, and this kit is cut from that same cloth, however, it’s designed for any racer who’s trying to squeeze some extra horsepower out of their engine. Steve Johnson, the owner of Induction Solutions, explains why the Billet DryFI kit was created and who it’s aimed towards.

“There just seemed to be a need for a nitrous system that worked with the EFI systems out there that can control dry nitrous. These plates are for anyone from the beginner with, say, a Holley Sniper type of system, to racers looking for an honest 450 horsepower along with the actual nitrous flow in pounds-per-hour to help them with their fuel add numbers, too. This kit is set up to be plain, simple, and make great power,” Johnson says.

A 4150 or 4500 flange ½-inch thick billet aluminum plate uses CNC-drilled holes to deliver the nitrous into your engine with the Billet DryFI kit. By using a one-piece design, the Billet DryFI plate won’t leak or have other issues. For solenoids, the Billet DryFI system uses the Induction Solutions SuperMax Bottom Exit Nitrous Solenoid. This solenoid is the same one used on the Induction Solutions X275 Direct Port systems, has a filtered inlet fitting, high amp draw coil, and .125-inch orifice.

The cool part about the Billet DryFI system is that each kit is flowed and has a custom jet map for 50-450 horsepower shots of nitrous included. You can purchase the Billet DryFI kit ready to go with a bottle, plumbing, and other parts, or you can purchase just the plate and solenoid. To learn more about the Billet DryFI system visit the Induction Solutions website right here.

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