Kevin McMullin Jumps The Wall At The NMRA World Finals

Kevin McMullin Jumps The Wall At The NMRA World Finals

When executed properly, a wheelie at the drag strip looks magnificent and powerful as the front hoops dangle motionless in the air. Unfortunately, NMRA racer Kevin McMullin took things just a bit too far. McMullin went for a wild ride during Coyote Stock eliminations at last weekend’s NMRA World Finals when his 1994 Mustang went on the bumper, then on its side, and finally over the wall at Kentucky’s Beech Bend Raceway Park.

Racers in the Coyote Stock class must use a specific sealed engine that can be purchased from Ford and they have to use an NMRA-issued tune. This means each racer must optimize every inch of their car to put down all the horsepower they can. Since weight transfer is so important in a class with limited horsepower, it’s common to see big wheelstands, but McMullin may have gotten a little more than he bargained for.

When the tree dropped McMullin released the clutch on his SN-95 Mustang like he has so many times before, but this time the Mustang went up on the bumper at an angle and that set off the entire series of events. The car came back down to Earth while rotating to its left, causing it to roll onto its passenger side and slide across the track before it smacked into the wall.

The force of the impact nearly launched the Mustang over the wall, the only thing that kept it in the park was the passenger side wheels straddling the top of the barrier. The Mustang proceeded to ride across the top of the retaining wall towards the top end of the track before it finally came to a stop. Thankfully, McMullin wasn’t hurt after going for such an incredible ride.

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