Learn How A Lock Up Torque Converter Works With Stevie Fast

Learn How A Lock Up Torque Converter Works With Stevie Fast

There are numerous factors to be accounted for when you’re trying to win in drag racing, and one that might be easily overlooked is equipment maintenance. Complex parts require extra attention so they function at an optimal level…one of those parts is a lockup torque converter. In this video, Stevie “Fast” Jackson explains how to take apart, clean, and reassemble a Neal Chance Racing Converters lockup torque converter.

The lockup-style torque converter changed the face of heads-up drag racing by giving tuners new options in approaching power management. These torque converters are highly adjustable, and that means they need to be examined regularly to make sure they’re functioning correctly.

Jackson, one of the sport’s most accomplished superstars, has pulled back the curtain on how he works on one of these converters and what he’s learned over his many ears of racing.

The first thing Jackson covers is how to crack open a bolt-together converter and the potential wear issues. to look for Jackson also provides a great lesson in what the markings mean on a Neal Chance stator, and how different changes to the stator will affect the converter’s performance.

Digging deeper into the converter, Jackson dissect the converter components, what role they play, and how they need to be cleaned. You also learn in the video what the clutches and steels are, why they’re stacked a specific way, along with how to determine if they’re worn out. Finally, you get to see how the piston of a lockup torque converter works, and how to remove it without causing a lot of mayhem.

This video is worth a watch if you really want to learn more about how these high-horsepower cars put the power down through a lockup torque converter, from one of the best in the business.

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