Share Your Story For A Chance To Win $5,000 And Tuners For Life

Share Your Story For A Chance To Win $5,000 And Tuners For Life

We don’t know about you, but we’ve found ourselves in the garage more than ever due to the current pandemic. And while limited public activities are somewhat of a drag, doing car things with our friends and family is a nice change of pace from COVID, politics, and people with masks. The only problem for us is we need more funds for parts. If you’re in the same situation, your luck could change because Derive, the parent company for SCT and Bullydog, is doing a quarantine giveaway. 

If you’ve been in the garage thrashing over the last few months on your project like we have, SCT wants to hear from you. They are going to select one lucky winner that will not only receive $5,000, but also, tuner upgrades for life. You may be thinking, “Tuner upgrades for life, what does that mean?” 

According to SCT it goes like this, “The Winner will be given the most current tuning device for their vehicle from the Derive family of brands. When a new upgrade is available for their vehicle, the winner will receive the latest upgrades at no additional charge. This prize is not transferable.”

If you think entering to win $5,000 and tuners for life sounds like a good idea, then you need to put the wrenches down, head over to or and fill out the form. All you need to do is plug in your information, the details of your project with an image, its story, and agree to the terms and conditions. That’s it. 

SCT couldn’t have made the process any easier, but you better hurry. This sweepstakes started on September the 29th and runs through October the 20th of 2020. For more information on this contest and new products from SCT and Bullydog, please check out their websites, and may the best project win.

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