The AMS Performance Alpha Omega Drag Huracan

The AMS Performance Alpha Omega Drag Huracan

If you want to grab people’s attention with a car, then driving just about any model from Lamborghini will do the trick…when you bring that Lambo to the drag strip, folks are really going to do a double-take. AMS Performance is going to be getting a lot of attention with its new Alpha Omega Huracan project car, and this Italian masterpiece could be one of the most insane cars you’ll ever see at the track.

AMS Performance is known for its Alpha Omega Nissan GTR, a car that set the standard for GTR performance, so attaching the Alpha Omega name to this Huracan has some significance. This particular Lamborghini belongs to and is driven by Jordan Martin from Prime Cuts Auto Chop Shop. Martin actually piloted this car on the Netflix show Hyperdrive, and decided that letting the car sit would be a waste, so he turned it over to Martin Musial and the team at AMS Performance for a transformation.

The Alpha Omega Huracan is a technological wonder that combines a MoTeC ECU with the factory electronics flawlessly. Powering the Huracan is a built Lamborghini engine that makes over 1,400 horsepower on just 21 pounds of boost. The Alpha Omega rides on a set of Mickey Thompson 10.5W tires that will have their hands full when Musial dials up a big tune-up at the track.

In this video from AMS Performance, we get a glimpse of what went into creating and testing this impressive machine. Martin jumps behind the wheel of the Alpha Omega Huracan at Great Lakes Dragway to shake the car down and things got interesting in a hurry. The Lamborghini impersonated a bucking bronco during its first pass, tried to go on the bumper the second, and got pretty squirrely on its third trip down the track. When you watch the in-car footage, you can see that Martin has his hands full trying to control this raging bull.

Underground Racing laid down the gauntlet when it comes to Lamborghini performance with some blistering 7-second passes, so the stage is set for an epic battle between these two builders. We could see some wild races in 2021 with dueling 7-second Italian supercars at events across the country.

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