The Dirty 30 Lives In The Hit Game Doorslammers 2

The Dirty 30 Lives In The Hit Game Doorslammers 2

If you love racing as much as we do, your head might be spinning from this current pandemic. While we would love to be at the track, it’s just not possible at the present time. However, we are able to get our racing fix from the video game Doorslammers 2 on our mobile device.

It’s hard to believe that the once stock Plymouth set in a barn since 1956 before being reincarnated as a twin-turbo drag racer.

Yesterday, Doorslammers 2 added a new race car to the mix, the Dirty 30. The Dirty 30 is a 1930 Plymouth sedan that the owner, Nick Plewniak, dug out of a barn and built a race car. Before Plewniak purchased the sedan, it had been parked in a barn since 1956 and hadn’t moved since. The body of the car is all factory with suicide rear doors. Plewniak flared the rear fenders out to clear the tires, added a roll cage, front ProCar racing seats, a rear bench seat, and a twin-turbo 1,200 horsepower engine. The chassis in the Dirty 30 is still factory frame rails but is now 25.5 certified and has leaf springs in the rear of the car with a 295 Mickey Thompson drag radials. The front suspension is a 4-link design with coil overs instead of the factory leaf spring.

Although the Dirty 30 will never see the dragstrip again in the real world, you can race it in Doorslammers 2.

The Dirty 30 has made appearances all over YouTube, including 1320 Videos as Plewnaik took the car to Drag Week. Unfortunately, Plewniak wrecked the car at a No-Prep event, and the Dirty 30 became engulfed in flames and will never race again.

While it was cool seeing this Plymouth in action, it’s also fantastic to see it come to life again in all of its patina glory in Doorslammers 2. For more information on this game, be sure to visit and download it from App Store or Google Play.

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