When And Why You Should Add A Spoiler To Your Race Car

When And Why You Should Add A Spoiler To Your Race Car

Drag racers understand the value of getting traction at the start of a race, but if your car makes big mile-per-hour you’ll want to have traction and stability at the big end of the track, as well. The best way to accomplish that is to add a spoiler to your race car.

Aerodynamics are very important in drag racing — it influences what vehicle you’ll use as a race car, and how that car will perform. A good example of how aerodynamics and spoilers affect the performance of a car in drag racing is a nitro Funny Car: the giant spoilers on the rear of a Funny Car’s body produce an immense amount of downforce that helps keep the car glued to the track.

Any doorcar going over 140 mph will benefit from additional downforce like a Funny Car. A spoiler is an easy and affordable way to add this downforce and it will make your car more stable at the top end. Having the additional downforce will make your car easier to control, safer, and increase its consistency.

Jill Fazekas from S&W Race Cars explains why adding an adjustable spoiler to your racecar will help it perform better at the track.

“The racer will be able to gradually add downforce to find the ‘sweet spot.’ This is where maximum downforce is being applied without sacrificing speed. Slight adjustments may need to be made throughout an event, due to changing track conditions, or tuning and suspension adjustments. The ability to adjust the spoiler will provide the racer with an advantage.”

If you’re looking for a spoiler make sure you check out the S&W Race Cars website right here. The company offers direct-fit doorcar spoilers for specific vehicles as well as universal-fit spoilers that can be trimmed to fit any vehicle.

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