All-Aluminum 32′ Sundowner Stacker Trailer

All-Aluminum 32' Sundowner Stacker Trailer

As the official trailer/motorcoach dealer of Dragzine, Flying A Motorsports’ extensive lineup of new and used motorhomes and toterhomes, race car trailers, stacker trailers, car haulers, and cargo trailers will be highlighted here in a monthly feature, the Rig Of The Month.

If you’re in the market for a rig to haul multiple race cars and even your pit vehicles and other essentials, you’ll have room to spare or room to grow with this 32-foot, all-aluminum stacker from Sundowner.

Sundowner, a brand with roots in the horse trailer industry, has made a name for itself rather quickly in car and race trailers, vaulting itself into the mid-upper range of trailer options in terms of price-to-features. This trailer, a brand new 2020 model currently on the lot at Flying A Motorsports, is a standard 28-foot stacker with an optioned 4-foot extension to allow for more room to fit a pair of dragsters, a racecar and pit vehicle on the same floor, or any other combination of layouts you so choose.

This stacker features an all-aluminum chassis, aluminum wheels, screwless interior and exterior skin, along with an aluminum roof and floor. Triple 7,000-pound axles and electric brakes provide the rolling and stopping hardware, and a 7,000-pound hydraulic tongue jack makes hooking and unhooking a breeze.

A 6,000-pound Titan 16-foot lift raises the upper deck of the trailer, where you’ll also find a 10-foot loft for sleeping or storage. The trailer also features a 24-inch stoneguard, generator compartment, LED clearance, interior, and tail lights, sidewall carpet, a 60-amp converter, 12-volt fuse panel, 110-volt electric package, and five receptacles overall. 

DragzineDragzine – All-Aluminum 32′ Sundowner Stacker Trailer

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